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a CoD crossover campaign with storyteller Steven Pope

One night five young girls disappeared from their bunks at Camp Greenhorn, and five monsters returned. One night universes were rewritten, timelines split. One night a god in a red dress was born, and an ancient evil stirred. One night everything changed...

                        ...and only The Five know how it all went down.

Meet the Cast

jo the beast.jpg


Jo the Beast

Cosplayer . FX Makeup Artist . Armor and Prop Fabricator

Beth plays Jo, a human with the soul of a Unicorn. You may not think a unicorn is scary, but those who corrupt innocence quickly learn to fear the tell tale clop clop of pearlescent hooves.



Clementine the Mage

Cosplayer, Writer, Artist

Cait plays Clementine, a volatile mage fighting to keep her powers in check and her life as normal as possible. Its easier said than done when your hands keep catching fire.



The Storyteller

A long time writer of horror and mystery, Steven plays the entire world of Beckett, Oregon and all the terrifying, weird, and horrific beings within it. Doing his best to reign in his rambunctious table, Steven's strained relationship with his own sanity is perhaps the most compelling story line in Uncanny Valley.



GaaP the Changeling

Cosplayer, Writer, Artist

Deanna plays GaaP, a human formerly trapped in the service of the Fae. Forever warped by her enslavement, she now uses her fae powers to grow her collection of wondrous (and often decomposing) trash.



Ember the Demon

Cosplayer, Filmmaker

Buckle plays Ember, a fallen servant of the mysterious "God Machine." Once an unfeeling machine, he now has to learn to live as a 20 year-old drag queen while looking after the girls he fell to save.



Mary the Geist

Cosplayer, Gamer, Sinner

Sydney plays Mary, a member of the living undead.  Sadly killed in the prequel, she was brought back to life by the spirit Clearwater.  Now Mary lives to help lost souls find eternal rest. Oh, and to smoke weed. Did we mention the weed? Cause she smokes a lotta weed.

The Twitch Show: TeamMember
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