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The New Campaign: Why Play Hunter?

Here on Uncanny Valley, we love playing the lesser known splats. There's just something refreshing about putting your usual stock of vampires, witches, and werewolves on the shelf and trying out something new. So as we were nearing the end of our first campaign and starting to wonder what was next, it was only natural that we turned to some of the dustier volumes from the Onyx Path library.

As the only human splat in the Chronicles of Darkness line, Hunter has always been a bit of a misfit game. The characters have no powers, no covens or mystic scions. They don't alter reality or come back from they dead, their class system is literally just their day jobs. So when I was looking at the splats we didn't get to try during Uncanny Valley's original run, Hunter immediately stood out. I saw it as challenge, an opportunity to show our fans just how tough, enduring, and adaptable we ordinary humans can be.

There is no denying that the overall power level of Hunters is low. They can't regenerate or turn invisible or sprout bone armor as a reflexive action, and that can make it challenging for players accustomed to ripping their enemies limb from limb. But the beauty of starting small is that you have nowhere to go but up. We've all been in those campaigns where the characters get too powerful too fast, where we don't feel like there's enough time to follow their stories before they are saving universes and fighting gods. (I'm looking at you, Mage: The Famously Overpowered.) Well, if the law of escalation is your poison, then consider Hunter your antidote.

As we've built our new campaign, we've learned to embrace being puny. Its a genuine challenge to fight ghosts your character is incapable of seeing, to chase creatures you can only catch with exceptional success, to investigate a scene and realize that you actually have no idea what you are hunting. There is nothing wrong with the power fantasy we all get from other splats, but in our new campaign we hope to show you all the tension and excitement of playing the underdog, of standing up to creatures that can crush you and somehow coming out on top.

Join us for a tale of success against the odds, an adventure of skulking shadows and getting out by the skin of your teeth in a world where absolutely everything is out to get you. Join us for an all new

hunter: the vigil campaign.

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