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New Splat: Deviant the Renegades

If you asked me a couple years ago what CoD was missing, I would have said zombies. Kinda lame, I know, but listen sometimes you just want to kick back and eat some brains. If you pressed a littler further, I don't think I could have come up with anything else. Honestly, there's just so much literature available for this system, and so many ways you can build virtually any creature of you can imagine. You can play thousand year old Mummies for fuck's sake! So yeah, if you had pressed me to come up with new splats I would have happily admitted that it couldn't be done. And I would have been wrong.

That's why I really can't overstate how hyped I am about Deviant. It's like now that I'm aware of this missing piece, I'm suddenly seeing these characters everywhere. Jack from Mass Effect comes to mind. Raised in a laboratory and pitted against her fellow test subjects, she developed powerful psychic abilities just to stay alive. But that's far from the only option! If you wanted to play a more monstrous Deviant you need look no further than the chimeras of Full Metal Alchemist. Unwilling fused with animals, these people find themselves stuck between living as tormented humans and raging beasts. Tables with a taste for the macabre could even go the way of BioShock and explore altered DNA as a source of uncontrollable power and madness. Hell, a darker take on genetic mutation a-la Deadpool could even find its way into this game line. It really is astonishing how varied a table of Deviant characters could be.

Hopefully we will all get the chance to play test it someday soon!

Announced for open development on august 16th of 2017, Deviant: the Renegade promises a new game line

about creatures born from experiments gone wrong.

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