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Cancer Cell

A weekly podcast.   Coming Soon!

As the underpaid cast and crew of a hokey reality show, we all knew we were in for some long nights. Part of the job, you know? Chug some coffee and move on.

But here's the rub... this shit ain't no hoax. There are real predators lurking in these woods, and if we don't hunt them down no one will.


Meet the Crew



Dr. James Wolfe

Overshadowed by his high achieving sisters, Dr. James Wolfe really just wants to kick back and watch the world turn. Lucky for him, there's always a place in Hollywood for doctors willing read bullshit and make it sound legit.



The Storyteller

As a child, Buckle's experiences with the supernatural terrified them. Now as a storyteller, it's time to put that long suppressed fear to good use, by chasing and terrorizing their unsuspecting players.



Victor the Host

Once the child co-star of a sitcom, Victor Cooper is happy to spend his days in the sound booth voicing documentaries and kids cartoons. But when an old mentor gets him a hosting gig on a big ticket reality show, he's ready to show these "ghosts" whose boss.



JD the Stunt Man

From decking Angelina Jolie to being Tom Cruise's butt double, JD has done it all.  Well, everything except see a real, un-alive ghost. Kitted out with the latest gadgets, this stunt man is always ready to give the supernatural their
Kodak moment.



Darla the Psychic

It takes talent to know talent, which is probably why Darla can't get a job in film. She may be a hoaxster, but it will take more than bad odds to stop the Dolly Parton of mediums.



Mason the Camera Guy

Sometimes you take a job for money, sometimes you take it cause you need to get out of town. So when the family business goes bust, Mason doesn't hesitate to do the latter. Now that he's part of a busting film production, can he really stay
ahead of his past?

The Podcast: TeamMember
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