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Welcome to st. vincent's asylum

Home for the Criminally Insane

Brought together to film the first episode of TV's newest ghost hunting reality show, the cast and crew of Paranormal Quest explore the dilapidated shell of a 1920's asylum.  Follow our players as they investigate

the macabre hallways of this historic institution in Uncanny Valley: Cancer Cell episode 1, "Walls Within Walls" 

The twitch show

Uncanny Valley

Featuring a boisterous table of catty cosplayers, our original campaign follows a reality bending tale of shotguns, glitter, and monster boyfriends.


The Podcast

Uncanny Valley: Cancer Cell, Coming Soon!

Featuring a new cast with some returning players from the first campaign, join the crew of TV's newest ghost hunting show. Listen to five wannabe reality stars battle for survival and screentime in an ongoing Hunter: The Vigil campaign.

weekly streams

Let's Play Some Games!

Join us every Wednesday for DuoQ, a Twitch gaming stream hosted by Buckle and Deanna with rotating guests.

Glowing Keyboard


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